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Patient Support

“Adopt a Patient’s Family”

The VAAG Health Foundation – Adopt a Patient’s Family campaign started as part of the organization’s mission to help families of patients by providing them skill sets which may help them to live a normal life. According to VAAG, individual assistance cannot be sustained until the socio-economic condition of the entire family improves.

Learning New Skills:
As the sole breadwinner in the family is usually the one disabled by trauma, upskilling the remaining family members is extremely important. However, in absence of a formal social support system in India, these families get shattered following such medical events. If you wish to adopt a patient’s family make sure you are making them capable enough by allowing them to learn a new skill. This will help them to earn for themselves and for their families, besides making them independent.. This will also help them take better care of the patients at home. We at VAAG believe that this is the only to make your donations impactful and scalable in the truest sense.

“Adopt a patient” – Give a life to the Needy

The Adopt a Patient initiative is created to help patients who cannot afford their medications and medical treatment equipment. This campaign allows people to adopt a patient and provide them with some financial help. 

As an individual, one often takes for granted the many privileges and freedoms that come with being alive. But for many people around the globe, life is a daily struggle.

Through your care, you will be improving the quality of their life, and will bring some joy into their existence. When the patients get to know that their medical treatments are being taken care of they feel more positive about life.

Adopting a patient is an important way to help those who are in need. It is a privilege to be able to help someone who is struggling, and we wish to give you this opportunity to do so.

We request you all to help us do so. Your one donation can save an entire family’s problem and will give them hope to survive.