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“Adopt a Patient’s Family”

The VAAG Health Foundation – Adopt a Patient’s Family campaign started as part of the organization’s mission to help families of patients by providing them skill sets which may help them to live a normal life. According to VAAG, individual assistance cannot be sustained until the socio-economic condition of the entire family improves.

Learning New Skills:
As the sole breadwinner in the family is usually the one disabled by trauma, upskilling the remaining family members is extremely important. However, in absence of a formal social support system in India, these families get shattered following such medical events. If you wish to adopt a patient’s family make sure you are making them capable enough by allowing them to learn a new skill. This will help them to earn for themselves and for their families, besides making them independent.. This will also help them take better care of the patients at home. We at VAAG believe that this is the only to make your donations impactful and scalable in the truest sense.

What makes VAAG health unique?

As a nonprofit organization, we recognize the importance of our donors in providing assistance to the needy. As a way of strengthening our bond with you, we show you how your donations are being used in the lives of the needy through photos and videos that will be shared with you for life irrespective of the duration of your donation. We provide you with these proofs to give a sense of how your donations are being used. You will also get a 100% refund if for any reason you are not satisfied with the use of your donation.