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About VAAG Health Foundation

“NGOs are no less than life-saving guardians working silently for the needy, the vulnerable, and the ones who are suffering.” 

The VAAG Health Foundation is one such NGO that helps the underprivileged who are financially vulnerable. As well as providing assistance to medical patients, VAAG also strives to support their families through donations done by people who can help. 

One thing that all humans should have is access to medicine. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, educated or uneducated. Everyone deserves the right to get treated when they suffer from illness. As well as this, we must also pay attention to the family of the patient who is suffering along with them. 

The Road Traffic Accident

In 2016
In 2017
In 2026 (Predicted)

After The Accident

How we work?

The purpose of human existence is not meant to live only for oneself. The purpose of existence has deep roots connected to the welfare of others. Being concerned about society and its troubles will serve for nothing unless they take action to help and decide to make a donation.

Our primary mission is to help educate, encourage and inspire everyone who comes across our work to donate to people who are needy.

In order to help these people, we have come up with two campaigns.

Adopt a Patient

“Adopt a Patient” offers financial assistance to patients who are unable to afford medical care along with daily necessities. With this campaign, people can adopt a patient and provide them with financial assistance. Living is a privilege and a freedom that many people often take for granted. However, many people around the world struggle every day to survive. By taking care of them, you will enhance their quality of life and bring them some joy. The act of adopting a patient is a valuable way to help people in need.

Adopt a Patient’s Family

The campaign was launched as part of our mission to provide families of patients with skills that will enable them to lead normal lives. In VAAG’s opinion, individual assistance cannot be sustained without improving the socio-economic condition of the entire family. Upskilling the remaining family members is extremely important since the sole breadwinner is usually the one disabled by trauma. Providing financial assistance to a patient’s family allows them to upskill other members of the family.

Every donation you make, no matter how small the amount, is a reflection of your kindness. A small act of compassion though you may not see it can create a significant impact on someone’s life-giving him or her a reason to breathe and survive in this world. Even a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world when they are contributing to support an organization for a single cause. Be the first and make a small donation today. A generous donation can ensure a better life for millions who are suffering each day.

Come Forward and Become a Volunteer

When you volunteer at an organization, you learn things. Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience and build relationships within the community. Volunteers are often seen as the backbone of non-governmental organizations and have played a major role in their success over time. However, in many cases, volunteers play a dual role by working both inside and outside of the organization. Come join VAAG as a volunteer and help us in our mission.

Do you want tax exemption?

As a non-profit organization, VAAG is registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Additionally, a certificate of 12AA and a certificate of 80G have been provided to us on 27th February 2023 by the Income Tax Department.


VAAG Health Foundation has not authorized any third-party agency for receiving any donation, conducting any recruitment, training camps, or other activities on behalf of VAAG health foundation. VAAG can provide you with the correct information or assistance if you check / consult directly with them. Any claims made on our behalf are unwarranted and should be reported. We would appreciate if you would bring any such claims to our attention to enable us to take appropriate action. You can reach us at