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Institutional Alliances

As a formal partnership between two organizations, institutional alliances share information, resources, and expertise to improve the quality of VAAG Healthcare.

Through Alliances, we can collaborate to develop programs for our respective communities that address challenges related to poverty and that focus help to the underprivileged section of India. Collaborations like these allow patients who are not financially fit to access more services and achieve better clinical outcomes.

The first step in forming a relationship with various institutional alliances is that they understand the problems that we are facing. Once these issues get identified, they begin to brainstorm solutions. 

Joining an alliance would benefit from collaborating with others, they can help our organization to find people already working in this area to find out what they are doing to help solve these problems.

Once we collaborate with an alliance, we make sure that we continue to work together. One way to ensure that we stay connected is to hold regular meetings or conferences where we can discuss ideas, strategies, and best practices. Another way to maintain a relationship is to regularly update each other on what everyone is doing and how they can help.