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Individual Support

Donate for Patient’s treatment – Individual Partnership with VAAG Health Foundation

In recent years, the number of people afflicted with various diseases has been on the rise. This is due to several factors such as increasing age and obesity rates, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and environmental pollution. But not everybody can treat themselves.

There is one section in India that requires financial help for their treatment. As a result of this alarming trend, many patients are now looking for ways to find financial assistance to afford treatments that may save their lives. 

One such organization is VAAG Health Foundation. Through its Individual Partnership Program, VHF provides financial assistance directly to patients who need it most in order not only to treat but also prevent deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease. The Priority Areas program identifies which medical procedures qualify for funding from the foundation through an analysis of patient data collected from nationwide surveys.

Charity begins at home, and when it comes to supporting sick or injured people, no one is more personal than your own family and friends. That’s why VAAG Health Foundation – which provides comprehensive care to people with serious illnesses, including cancer and immunodeficiency diseases – is such a special charity.

As an individual partner with VAAG Health Foundation, you will join other donors who are making a real difference in the lives of people with cancer and other serious illnesses. Together, you and your friends will provide direct financial support, enabling VAAG Health Foundation to provide more essential services and support to patients and their families.

Becoming an individual partner is easy. Simply visit our website, complete the online donation form, and designate VAAG Health Foundation as your charity of choice. We would be happy to request your tax receipt for you. Thank you for your generous support.