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Return & Refund Policy

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. The VAAG Health Foundation aims to establish trust with its donors. We believe that our donors and beneficiaries are our top priority and that every donation makes a significant and immediate difference. 

VAAG Healthcare foundation feels that Having a return policy helps to protect the interests of the organization and its donors. Furthermore, it ensures that donors are fully satisfied with the outcome they anticipated. Moreover, a return policy prevents future conflicts between donors and NGOs.

As far as budget allocation, communication, and work processes are concerned, we take a systematic approach. In this case, what stands out is the entire work process that showcases the work done with the donation. Work processes must be done professionally to ensure that the project is executed according to plan.

To prove this, we send a photographic proof for every donation that is done. Donors have the option of getting a 100% refund of their donation if they are not satisfied with the work done with the funds or even if they have not received the photographic proof for their donations. This policy makes our work more reliable and relevant. 

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