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A tragic electrocution changed Chhotu Lal's life

Chhotu Lal Mukhiya’s story

Seeing your child fight for his life every day without hope is very difficult for a father. I’m talking about Siya ram mukhiya whose son Chhotu lal was injured in an unfortunate incident that left them permanently scarred.

During a conversation with Chhotu Lal’s cousin’s brother, who also takes care of him, he recalled that Chhotu once worked for a company in Bawana. It was that day that his supervisor said that he should go and fix the wiring for his fan because it wasn’t cooling properly. To get to the root cause of the problem, Chhotu went to the first floor and dropped the main MCB. When he was working on the wires, someone turned on the MCB and he got a huge electric shock. Chhotu fell on his face from the first floor and broke his neck. 

Be a Lifesaver: Give Chhotu Lal the Treatment he Deserves

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In the hospital, it was determined that his spine had been injured after being electrocuted and falling.

Having heard his brother, we can only imagine the pain Chhotu is going through, as well as the pain the family is going through.


Additionally, doctors have said that recovery will take time and that they are unsure of whether he will be able to survive.

Now that Chhotu is the only earning member of the family, Chhotu’s family struggles to survive every day. Parents are aged and do not work. In such conditions, they have a hard time surviving.


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